Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Jade Snow Mountains

Lijiang Central Square

Dinner Time

Lijiang market

We had another epic journey to our next destination. Once more our bus was packed to the gills with locals and random pieces of luggage and goods which were strapped to the roof and filled the aisle.

When we arrived in Lijiang we shook off the touts and made our own way in to the picturesque Old Town. Danny went off to look for a good GH whilst I sat in the central square and minded our heavy bags. As always my Western features provoked plenty of stares and some of the braver Chinese tourists asked to have their photo taken with me - one guy even wanted to try on my backpack.

Eventually we checked into a Youth Hostel dorm and then headed out to meet our British friends Sarah and James for dinner.

First impressions of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is that it is very quaint if a little too polished - we spotted one woman picking litter from the stream with chopsticks!

Day 60 complete

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