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Since we travel so much, I started this blog to keep friends and family well informed about where we are and what's happening there. Over the years I have learned via e-mail that a number of folks whom I have never met are traveling with us as well. Lynda wrote every so often and I started to read her blog too, which is also hosted by She and her husband are full time RV'ers and they often travel internationally. We have never met someone as peripatetic as we are, so when I saw that our paths might cross, I suggested a meet up.

We talked briefly at the Tampa Super Show last month, but went to their home on wheels to get to know each other better. We brought along our new RV Navigator studio, which fits into a brief case sized bag, because we wanted to interview them for the next podcast. We add interviews to the show to add new perspectives and give our listeners a break from listening solely to us. Usually we use two small mics and the whole studio can fit into a pocket, which has disappointed some of our interviewees who have expected something higher tech. And it is challenging for four people to talk into two microphones, so this traveling studio should be a great improvement.

We have interviewed people who camp occasionally, people about to full time, and full time RV'ers. Lynda and Bob have been full timing since 2007 and have decided to leave the road. They plan to purchase a site in CA and park their beautiful rig and live in it permanently. Since their monthly expenses there will be so low, they can save up for lots of international travel. Hmm... Makes a lot of sense!

Our original plan was to head to a beach front seafood restaurant for dinner, but it was raining. So Ken used the apps on his phone to choose a Cuban restaurant. From the outside it looked like a real dive and the inside matched. But the enthusiastic owner, who left Cuba as an infant and had learned the cuisine from his elders, really made the place. He gave us a sample of yucca, when we weren't sure whether we should order it and brought a sample of pulled pork to the table that was nothing like what we have enjoyed in Texas. Ken had a whole plateful. The owner talked me into blackened fish that had a subtle taste rather than overwhelming spiciness. HIs talked excitedly about an upcoming visit from the Food Channel to be taped for the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives show. That should really put his place on the map.

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