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I had to get up this morning for my Italian class. That was not fun. I went to bed early and still it felt like I had only slept for an hour. Then as my class went on, I started getting sick. So, I went home and took a three hour nap hoping that would help but it didnt.

I went to a cultural exchange today, mostly for the free food. I was so out of it though that it didnt really help. I understand Italian pretty well and can speak little bits and pieces but cannot form sentences for the life of me... Also, it was hard because I was so tired and out of it from being sick so I didnt really talk much. It was interesting though and I would like to make more Italian friends to practice my Italian! Just when I start to form sentences is probably when I go back to the States. I dont want to leave!! Ok, I do want to leave, but just for the holidays to see my friends and family again. I really dont want to work at the hotel and have to drive. And I really dont want to wait to cross the road, Im so impaitent. Im probably going to get hit by a car when I go back home. Here you just cross the road and the cars stop for you like your god or something. In the states I would get honked at and probably recieve some very rude gestures! haha

I should really go to bed early tonight...

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