Wandering Wolverines 2010 travel blog

start the day w/some pretty flowers

I think he wants to go home w/us!

A very pretty farm - Lots of Land O' Lakes butter starts...

Neat building - would love to know the history

Our 1st stop of the day - tried many sample goodies!

fresh air, sunshine & lots of water - perfect!

Lots of sail boats

very pretty old fence

wonder what roads this beauty has been on?

boy, does this look familar - we had one w/the 3rd seat!

Egg Harbor & Fish Creek Areas

the old firehall, built into the hill

everything appears old, but very neat

more interesting shops

lots of old log houses updated


more pretties

lots of pretty pink

old church

another old church


for sale!

a great update of a very old log house

love these places

flowers are so pretty along the street

very pretty walk - lots of gardens

boy is this place inviting . . .

gate to an old Catholic Church

interesting stone fence

oh so pretty

these are huge thistle-type plants, about 6 ft high - pretty


the old Catholic Church - very inviting yard

Love it!

Finally, it's dinner time!

Door County Fish Boil - step 1, get water boiling

step 2 - prepare lots of small, red potatoes

Bring to rolling boil

Step 3 - add potatoes to boiling water

Step 4 - add onions (not all fish boils do)

Step 5 - add basket of just caught white fish

Step 6 - after 8 mins, add 3# salt!

Step 7 - almost immediately, throw kerosene on the fire . ....

Step 8 - Stand Back - yell "BOIL OVER"

Fire explodes . . .

Step 9 - huge, hot fire causes water to boil over edges...

Step 10 - Boil Over puts the fire out - almost anyways!...

Food is immediately plated & served! Sorry, I almost forgot to take...

woke up to lots of rain, but it did eventually clear up & we enjoyed a lovely afternoon/evening on Door Peninsula. . . we had reservations for dinner - the reason we came - so we had a whole day to explore the area. We stopped at a couple of big fruit/gift shops. Bought some yummy, jams, syrups, sausages & even some horseradish dill pickles - something differnt for sure. I was hoping to see some of the lighthouses, but we were here many years ago & Ron didn't really want to do a lot of traveling around. The little water-front villages were terribly busy w/tons of tourists milling around. Made driving difficult, but we eventually found a parking space in a little park. Ron got out a book & I took off for a little self-guided walking tour. These little villages are very old, very neat & very interesting.

There are lots of bed & breakfasts, large inns & many gift shops, but they are beautiful. I had a great time walking along the water front & several side streets. After my walk, I joined Ron & we drove back to the area where our dinner was to be prepared. We were able to find a good parking spot at the end of a street, where we could just back out to the main drag without fear of being blocked in . . . the traffic was a major headache. But dinner, a Fish Boil was great - Ron doesn't even like fish unless it's fried, but he loves this meal. The preparation is very dramatic, total cooking time is about 15 mins. - the 3 pounds of salt is a shocker, but it's only in the water for a couple of minutes before they create the boil over - then everything is removed from the boiling water immediately, plated & served - YUMMY! There is no fishy o oil or salt taste - it's all very light & wonderful!

Our original plan was to stay another night, head S to Manitowoc in the morning for a 1 PM boat ride across Lake Michigan. BUT, the ferry was all booked up, so after our dinner we will head S, it's less than 2 hrs to Manitowoc - then we will wait for the S. S. Badger, which leaves at 1:55 AM! Bummer, Bummer, Bummer!!! I have continued our day on the next entry for this date.

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