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Sunrise at Coyote Ridge

My friend Helen's Meditation Bench

Saturday was a nice travel day. We left the Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel and headed down I-25. I set our GPS to where we wanted to go – but she didn’t want to take the Hatch cutoff to Deming. She insisted (for more than half the way across NM26) that we turn around and take I-25 to I-10. We just ignored her and kept on going.

My tummy was kinda ishy all day – think I was getting what Ron had earlier in the week. Just tired, ishy and headachy. I sipped on 7-up all the way and I was OK.

We got to our destination and got set up. I knew we needed groceries and fuel and I wanted to go to the used bookstore in Deming. But I was tired after setting up. But then I realized that tomorrow was Sunday and the bookstore would be closed, I couldn’t think of anything for supper – so we decided to go to Deming.

It was about 3:15. Bookstore closes at 5 so we had to book it a bit. But then we had some excitement that might make us late.

About 10 miles down the road a truck in front of us started driving on the shoulder like one would do if they were letting you pass. Something told me to tell Ron that that truck was in trouble and to slow down and not pass.

The driver over corrected and jammed on the brakes - two things you don't do when coming back on the highway. He started fishtailing all over the road and hit the ditch side ways and rolled at least once and maybe twice.

We stopped, as did the car in back of us. Good thing they did as she was a nurse and knew what to do right away. Her husband called 911 and some other people and Ron directed traffic.

The man wasn't hurt badly - mostly just banged up and shook. He didn't have his seat belt on.

We had to wait a long time for the EMS and sheriff to arrive and then wait some more to give our statements before we could leave.

We did make it to the bookstore with about 15 minutes to spare. Then got fuel and stopped at Wal*Mart to pick up a cooked chicken, bread, milk and OJ. Also got some potatoes and some soup so now we are set for a while.

So that was our Saturday. The excitement made me forget about my stomach and I've felt OK ever since.

Oh! And we also found out that the wet rug in the front bay wasn’t from the rain. I was taking a shower and Ron saw that the P or J trap had come loose on the shower. He used the piece of gutter we use under the sewer hose and diverted it out – but today we have to empty the bay and I will have to crawl in and try to tighten the trap. It doesn’t look broken – just shook loose from travel. I’ll probably put some caulk around it anyway just to hold it.

So that will be our Sunday.

Monday we will move to Pancho Villa State Park for the rally. Then Friday we start for home. One more night on the road near Tucson – and then back on the lot. According to FB a lot of our friends are near or at their winter homes. ‘tis that time of year.

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