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Narragansett, RI - Fishermans Memorial State Park - Site 49

Narragansett, RI - Fishermans Memorial State Park - Site 49, another view

Narragansett, RI - Fishermans Memorial State Park - Site 49, and another...

Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees at the entrance to the state park

Another Japanese Flowering Cherry Tree we saw on the way to Narragansett

New England home - notice the stone walls that almost all homes...

A couple of guys in their dinghy on Mystic Harbor on the...

The sailboat

A gull on the Mystic shoreline

Some of the harbor around Mystic

The Red Maples are absolutely gorgeous right now!

The Mystic Pizza - have you seen Julia Roberts in her first...

Where we ate lunch

Where you order the food

The menu at Abbott's

Part of the seating area - we ate at the table between...

More seating

There is a small enclosed eating area here

Providence, RI skyline

Downtown Providence 1

Downtown Providence 2

Downtown Providence 3

Downtown Providence 4

Sign outside the first Baptist Church in America

The sign attached to the church

A shot of the steeple

The front of the first Baptist Church in America

A view of the front and the other side

One side of the church

The rear of the church

A beautiful bulding across the street from the Baptist Church - I...

Old Narragansett Church built in 1707, said to be the oldest Episcopal...

Another view of the Old Narragansett Church, also known as Old St.Pauls...

Headstone at the Old Narragansett Church cemetery

Another headstone at the Old Narragansett Church cemetery

The new St. Paul's Church

The lighthouse at Judith Point, RI near Narragansett

The shoreline at Point Judith

A freighter off the coast of Judith Point

Jamestown Windmill

Newport Bridge - $4 each way ($2 per axle)

Cliff Walk 1

Cliff Walk 2

Cliff Walk 3

Cliff Walk 4

Cliff Walk 5 - part of the walk

Cliff Walk 6

Cliff Walk 7 - this one needs a little work!

Cliff Walk 8 - WOW

Cliff Walk 9 - must have been some shindig - this thing...

Cliff Walk 10

Cliff Walk 11 - these are across the bay

Cliff Walk 12

Cliff Walk 13

Cliff Walk 14

Cliff Walk 15

Cliff Walk 16

Cliff Walk 17

Cliff Walk 18

Cliff Walk 19

Cliff Walk 20

Cliff Walk 21

Cliff Walk 22

Cliff Walk 23

Cliff Walk 24

Cliff Walk 25

We had an nice, short, uneventful drive to Narragansett Thursday. It was only 75 miles and we got here a little before 1:00 pm and was checked in and set up by 1:30. We have 30 amps, water, Verizon cell and Internet, and satellite sighting was quick and easy.

Friday, we made a trip back into CT to tour the Mystic Seaport area. This is an old area of CT and very quaint. We were able to see the Mystic Pizza place. This is the place that was the basis for the title of Julia Roberts' first movie in 1988. We didn't eat there because we had been eating pizza for three days after ordering one in Haddam and it turned out being about twice as large as we expected. Good thing it was great pizza!!

Anyhow, I figured it was about time for Doris to get her first lobster of the trip so we went to one of the most famous places for lobster in the state of CT, Abbott's Lobster in the Rough located in Noank, CT just below Mystic. It just happened that Friday was their first day open this season. Doris had their famous Lobster Roll and I had their Abbotizer Special ( you can check the menu picture to see what it was) since I would rather eat most anything than lobster. Doris said it was really good and my meal wasn't bad either!

Saturday we woke up to rain, rain, rain so we wound up staying in all day. I did run down to the local Red Box and get a couple of movies for us to watch. We otherwise just "vegged" out and caught up on some things we had left to do, mainly finding a place in VT to spend Memorial Day so we could get reservations before they filled up. We found a place right outside Springfield, VT that will serve nicely for us to tour that area of VT.

Sunday we took off for Newport, RI. On the way over there we stopped at Jamestown to see an Jamestown Windmillold windmill. It was built in 1787 and more can be found out about it at the indicated link. We did find it but it was closed as an attraction and they had taken the wings off. We then went to Newport (via a $4 toll bridge - they do love their tolls up here) to walk part of the Cliff Walk on the East shore Newport. Click on the link to learn much more about this scenic walk. We walked for about 1.5 miles and thoroughly enjoyed both the view of the ocean on one side as well as the mansions on the other side.

Tomorrow, we head for Massachusetts where we have reservations for a State Park just above Cape Cod.

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