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We spent a major part of the day pulling ourselves back together in preparation for taking off early tomorrow. After six weeks here, we have stuff laying all over. It all needs to be stowed before we pull in the slides and start bouncing down the road. Leaving Banana Street feels a lot like leaving home with its easy comforts. When we head out with the car, the GPS stayed in the glove box. It's as if we've been here forever. We have found the best grocery store in the area and located all the movie theaters. There are some new favorite places to eat out. We found a good place to get get affordable hair cuts. It’s been nice getting regular deliveries of mail from home as well as visits to our site from the UPS guy. We’ve enjoyed a daily newspaper delivery as well as a clean, affordable laundromat where I can do four loads at once rather than half a load at a time in the RV. With a reliable water supply and 50 amp power we can run as many appliances as we want without consulting the control panel for blowouts.

After being an RV’er you don’t take utilities for granted. When you stay in a campground for a month or more it is likely that you will be charged separately for electricity use rather than having it included in the daily fee. We weren’t sure what that would mean. Some of those cold nights the heat pump ran regularly. When we checked out we learned that it added $3/day to bring our total up to $23/day. With all the activities, events, and entertainment here, we feel like we got a good deal. It’s likely that we’ll be at the Tropic Star again.

But some of our readers have complained about boring entries lately and we must agree. Life here is predictable and too much like life at home and it’s high time for some new scenery and adventure. We’ve heard a lot about Big Bend National Park and are expecting Texas size hugeness and no cell phone signal. When our neighbors hear that we are leaving, they shudder thinking that we are headed home. At the moment there aren’t too many homes out there that aren’t covered in snow.

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