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I love that sign

Entering Panama City Beach

Look at the white sand


Surf fisherman

Mr. "Blue"

Birds at the Ms welcome center

Sand Hill Crane sanctuary near-by are these young ones?

Look out Arizona, the Florida Panhandle has captured our interest! This area is beautiful to your eyes; leaves beautiful impressions in your heart. Many fond childhood memories come from the Florida west coast, mostly Clearwater Beach. My grandparents loved to surf fish both Clearwater Beach and Panama City(Jan/Feb).

Most attractive to us was the feel of the fine white beach sand and emerald colored calm waters of the Gulf. Beaches remained pristine. Another important observation is the absence of a "shabby", weather worn look. Assorted levels of living were seen with each having a common denominator-tidy, clean, non-junky! In other words, we just loved it!!

Poor little blue crab was left without claws-how will he eat? I didn't know if I should save him by having him for dinner or leave him alone-ha. FYI-He was left unarmed by me.

We are contantly reminded how friendly the USA is as we travel. Mississippi welcome centers are eager to accomodate-hot coffe/tea, fill your water bottle, answer the traveler's questions,etc. As I was preparing a sandwich in the coach two young men pulled up,, stopping to make conversation with Corky(checking tire temps with an infra red themometer). Shortly, here came fulltimers inquiring where we got the leaded door window. As I was relaying the info, she knew exactly where in Algodones I meant. And so it goes with us road people. Incidentally, they are headed to Quartzite as we are. The only regret I have is I didn't photo their rig. The tow rig is a Freightliner(big boy) with a mini Cooper perched between the cab and 5th wheel hitch! So clever and cute.

Apparently, Escapes posted them on the screen at a rally a few years back. Wonder if Helen and Bill know these folks? Fulltimers eventually make connections. Speaking of such, while in Charleston we were thrilled to receive a call from our Idaho gold digger friends. They were making sure we had adequate pontoons for the coach-ha. Our home area flooded as the result of the recent nor'easter! Facebook friends posted pictures of their yards, streets. Oh, terrible!

No Blue Angels were in the air today-boo hoo. Just looking at them gives me goose bumps. Never fear, it's a little too warm for goose bumps-74. We didn't stick to our plan today, mayber tomorrow?!

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