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Today after lunch I headed to Madera to spend a few days with friends, Ted and Wanda Beck. Wanda and I are friends from early childhood. Our parents knew each other before any of them were married. Ted had retired but has been working quite a bit at a food processing plant, keeping their machinery in good running order. On Wednesdays and Saturdays he goes to their ranch in the hills to feed their cattle.

Wanda also is "retired" but she is very busy with her quilting activities and music for their church. Each day after Ted gets home, he and Wanda go to her late father's house to work on it for a while. They are getting it ready to sell. There are quite a few things that need to be done but they are making good progress. I went along but tried to stay out of their way. Afterwards we had dinner at Jack-in-the Box.


Today Wanda and I went to Home Depot to get some supplies for the remodeling project and to look at wall furnaces. I bought a little cabinet which I was certain would work in my motorhome's office. When I opened the box, though, I discovered that there was no top on it. Aaarrrgghhh!! When Ted got home, he loaded it back into the car and we returned it for a refund. Just as Wanda and I returned from Home Depot, we heard a pack of coyotes yapping very near their house. I hadn't heard that sound since my childhood days on the farm in Texas. She said that they often come close to their house and torment their dogs.

For dinner tonight we had a wonderful pot roast and green bean casserole. Wanda is a good cook but she rarely has time to do it.


This morning Wanda and I met some other ladies and carpooled to Chowchilla to a quilting class. I was surprised to see so many ladies in the class. Apparently quilting is more popular than I had imagined. The instructor is from a local college and teaches several of these informal classes around the area. She was very interesting. After the instructions, they had "show and tell" for a few minutes -- not necessarily relating to quilting. Several of the ladies had entered foods, photographs and other items in the county fair and had won some ribbons.

After the class, about a dozen of us had lunch at Pedro's Place. Their Mexican food is very good. Then after lunch, Wanda and I went to a few places looking for a cabinet for me. No luck. On the way to her father's house, her PT Cruiser overheated so we had to stop to let it cool off a bit. She called Ted and he came and brought some water for the cooling system. Then we went on to the house, where he looked for the problem. He didn't find anything wrong, so I guess it had just gotten low on water.

That evening, after another session of repair work, Ted wanted to eat at Pedro's Place, his favorite restaurant. We didn't tell him that we had had lunch there. :>)


After lunch Wanda and I went shopping for a few things. She needed to have her watch band shortened. I bought a new watch on sale and a small billfold. Late this afternoon Wanda's sister, Mearlene, came over from Fresno and we all went to dinner at Denny's with "The Beck Girls". Three of the ladies are wives of Ted's brothers. They were fun to be with.


Today Wanda and I jammed a little bit. That's the first time in years that I have played my bass guitar with someone else. Most of the time I have to settle for some old cassette tapes of my piano and organ playing which I recorded years ago. Needless to say, jamming with myself isn't exactly inspiring!

Tonight Ted, Wanda and I went to the regular Friday night gospel singing hosted by their church. Anyone who wants to sing and/or play is welcomed. Wanda tried to get me to take my bass guitar but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I thought that I probably would not know most of the songs, which turned out to be the case. People from several churches and even other towns participated. Some of them are quite good but the others -- well, ..... :>) After the program, many of them met at a hamburger place to eat.

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