The boys had fun shooting at the Clark County Shooting Range..









It looks like they did a great job..:-)

Betty took us out for great burgers this week too..

Jerry enjoying his seafood feast for "Jerry" day..

Last one, we all had a great time..

We had another great day with family. Today was Little Jerry day. He came out to visit us in the RV and to shoot guns at the Clark County Shooting Range with Jared, Brandon and Big Jerry. Jerry took my camera and got some great pictures of all of them shooting. This is not my thing, I stayed home and relaxed while they had fun. :-)

They took turns shooting a 22 pistol, a 9 mm pistol and a 22 rifle. The targets came back full of holes, it looked like they did pretty good with the shooting, they certainly seemed to all have fun.

After the shooting Jared and Brandon took their car home, we took Jerry our for his special day to a seafood buffet at the Aliante. It was one of the best seafood buffets we have ever had. They served all you can eat snow crab, shrimp salads, crab salads, fried shrimp, oysters, shrimp scampi, peel and eat shrimp and on and on and on. I never even made it to the sides or vegetables. :-)

They also had some of the best clam chowder, it tasted like the one we had in Maine. We all enjoyed our dinner much. Little Jerry has to go back to work tomorrow evening, we probably won’t get to see him again this trip, he will be busy flying the C17 for the next few weeks. We will miss him but we feel blessed to have all the days we spent together.

Betty also surprised us with a special treat this week, she took us all out to the Red Robin for awesome hamburgers and unlimited fries. That was our first burger from Red Robin, they were so good, it won’t be our last. :-) Thanks much, Betty!

We will be having Jared day next, he will be spending the night with us on Monday after he finishes working this weekend. We are looking forward to more fun with Jared, check back later for more from Las Vegas.

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