We had fun with Jared in Mexico today...

Jared & Grandpa..

We all enjoyed lunch and the entertainment..

You get a huge plate of food for $6

The lady had a great voice, she is also a dentist...:-)

What a cutie pie..:-)

The lines were long today, about 45 minutes to go back into...

Jerry is going back for glasses later...

Jared got his first Mexican geocache in this restaurant..

Last one, we all had a great time...

We went back into Los Algodones, Mexico today, this time we took Jared with us. It was so much fun to see it with him, it's like seeing it again for the first time. :-) We all had a great time.

We feasted on tacos at the same outside café Jerry and I ate at last time. The entertainment was wonderful.

Jared also picked up his first geocache from Mexico, it is set up right in the restaurant behind the counter for a very quick pick up. Fast and easy, it doesn't get any better than that. :-)

The line to return to the U.S. was quite long, it took us over 45 minutes in line, but once we reached customs it was a quick show of the passports and we were on our way back to the RV. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story, it was a great day in Mexico, check back later for more.

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