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Watson Lake, Yukon south to Iskut, BC

Leaving the Signpost Forest behind

Good-bye Watson Lake

Yesterday's snowfall

Welcome to British Columbia

Their motto: Beautiful British Columbia

Heavy burden for the Birch trees

Snow Gates to close the road when undrivable

Cloud layer washes out the colors

Cloud layer also hides the mountains

I can only use my imagination

Oh, there's a mountain - and a lake!

A very brief clearing, watch for Moose

I lost track of where this is, but no snow over there

The quick brown fox - ran away into the brush.

Higher elevation now, and an "Accident Scene" per the sign

Stopping for 20 minutes. It must be cold for her.

Towing the big rig back onto the highway.

Tops of the Coastal Range

To the East is the Cassiar Range

Hidden Coastal Range

Another long bridge


Downhill whoop-dee-doos

Twists and turns and mountain tops

A reflective lake

A private residence

More Coastal Mountains

These are glacial and have current snowfall

Arrived at Mountain Shadows RV

I so much wanted to buy this from the Manager, not for...

Daisy so happy and animated on this lovely grass

View from our site

With a float plane on the lake.

Up he goes to check out the area

We are the 2nd from right, Office in the background

We are now lower left, looking toward the mountains

The drone went up river a bit, looking towards plane and mountains

From the river to the campground

Farther back looking at the campground and driveway

Today’s drive is to just north of Iskut, B.C. to stay at Mountain Shadows RV Park. It was a 4 hour drive to travel the 210.4 miles.

We called ahead and the highway was open for travel but it was snowing and there was heavy snow in the forest on either side of the highway. We saw Moose warning signs (as usual), but we saw none. We did, however, see a quick little brown fox. Don’t blink. One moment he’s on the highway looking at us the next we see his tail tip going into the bushes off the highway. But I was quick also and got him.

Because of all the low clouds, rain and snow falling we did not see much of the Cassiar Mountains at all.

Over the course of the trip our highest altitude change was up to 4,000’, we were climbing and descending many times. About 12:10 p.m. we were stopped on the highway for an “Accident Scene” by a flagman (actually, a small First Nation’s woman). There was a Semi hauling a load and its right front tire went off the road. Very dangerous here as the roadbed is quite high and very sloped on either side. I don’t know how they summoned help because there is no cell service along this highway. There was a road crew and a huge tow truck angled across the highway trying to pull the semi back on the road. We were held up only about 20 minutes.

After that, the highway scenery opened up between the mountains to a valley about 3,776’ altitude and we began to see portions of the Coastal Range glacial peaks, and there is less snow on the ground now and none on the spruce trees.

We arrived at our RV park, with lovely green grass and some patches of melting snow. We saw some tree limbs that had been cut down along their driveway because the snow had made them droop and hang in the way of RVs coming in. In the office they told us they had lost power yesterday. We heard the sound of a chain saw on the property, so the husband was still out doing some maintenance.

After setting up, Larry got his drone out and captured some lovely shots of the mountains and the RV park from several angles. One looking towards the mountains and river, and some from the mountains looking at the park.

Just a reminder that you can watch any of our drone videos on our YouTube site: Just click here for Mattingly's Travels

We met our neighbors Steve & Carol, a California couple from near Lake Tahoe, CA. They came over after dinner to chat and we had a fun-filled evening. Hopefully, we may see more of them in our travels.

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