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Today we packed up the motor home to make the one mile drive from our new campsite with the executive suite to the first site we purchased deep in the woods under the Spanish moss. I drove ahead in the car and waited for Ken to arrive in the motor home. It took him longer than I expected and my heart sank when he told me that the engine had shut down due to overheating. It appears that the months of sitting without driving had caused the alternator to seize up, which broke the big belt that runs most of the engine. "Use it or lose it" is one of Ken's mottos and appears to be relevant here. This happened within ten feet of his departure; later we found the severed belt in the drive way. Fortunately he got here and got parked, but now we aren't going anywhere. We are scheduled to spend Friday with a CBS video crew (more on that later) and they wanted to film us driving. That isn't going to happen unless the local repair people are sitting by the phone waiting for us to call tomorrow. Bummer!

On a much brighter note our friends from home have arrived with their trailer and we are looking ahead to months of fun times with them. Ken has gotten the new routers going on both our sites, so that we all can enjoy lightening fast wi fi. It only took him an hour standing in line yesterday and a telephone call of the provider, who had entered some information in correctly on their computers.

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