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waking up in Breckenridge, this was the view out our window.



This is where my history in Breckenridge started! Peak 9 and Beaver...

Beaver Run Resort

Just a pretty picture, so many flowers planted in Breckenridge

Sitting on the deck, enjoying an afternoon snack and glass of wine...

My friend Inanna treated us to an oxygen treatment to help us...

The Blue River as it flows thru town and only one of...

Repacking everything while in our townhouse. The panniers exploded! The view doesn't...

Sorry to be absent for a few days!! Our trip to our townhouse was part of our plan to stop and unload all the winter gear we would no longer be using once we get over our last mountain pass, Hoosier Pass at 11,600 ft.

We have been so blessed to be spending time with wonderful family and amazing friends!

We rented a car to get ourselves to Denver, even tho we had so many generous offers to drive us down and drive us back! We left our bikes with my friend Bela, drove down to the townhouse for a few days.

Actually, it felt very naughty and I felt guilty being in a car! But it was just the easier way to get done all that we needed to get done.

Since being home we have reduced our weight that we will be carrying on our bikes for the rest of the trip. We changed sleeping bags from winter weight to summer weight bags, even changed out the dry bags i carry my sleeping bag and tent in to a lighter weight dry bag. Just in those changes alone I have reduced my weight by 5 pounds! We have removed winter coats, wool shirts, leggings, gloves and all winter related clothing! We have crossed the temperature line, well we will on Sunday once we get over that pass. We are officially into the zone of HOT!

While here in our townhouse,we have spent great time with my sister celebrating her birthday, my daughter and old friends! Its been great and we are so very very appreciative of their support and enthusiasm!

We are well rested and certainly well fed! I just hope we haven't gotten too relaxed and make it difficult for ourselves to get back into the routine starting out on our biggest pass yet!

We will get there! Of all the fun things we have done, we were treated to an oxygen treatment while in Breckenridge, thanks to our friend Inanna! We hope the increase in oxygen in our blood will help us cope better and get ourselves over the pass! Thank you Inanna, we love you too!

Thanks to Bela, who has been more than generous letting us stay with her lovely family storing our bikes while we were in Denver! Thanks to my sister Cheryl and Dave, with out their help on this trip we have been able to unload extra stuff, they are always there to help out! Thanks to my daughter Clare for being such a beautiful and determined young woman and Congratulations on your accomplishments!! Love you! And thanks to friends Mike and Nancy for a great evening of friends getting together and for all of your enthusiasm!! Thanks so much to everyone for hanging in there with us! We love you all! Hope you will continue to stay with us as we enter what I call Part II of this trip! Leaving the coast and the mountains we enter a new phase of plains, coasts and HOT! It should be interesting!

We will return to Breckenridge tomorrow, Saturday pick up our bicycles and reload our bicycles with all of our "lighter" bags, get totally ready to ride and head out in the early hours of the morning on Sunday! We want to start early to avoid the heat. It may cool down a little by Sunday, but its always better to climb in the cool of the morning.

July 4th is right around the corner so we are looking for a nice place to hang out to celebrate and maybe catch some fireworks!

Thanks again for hanging in there wtth us and thanks to all our family and friends that made our home visit so wonderful!

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