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Art Knapp

Nancy Cullinan and Art Knapp

Nancy Cullinan Showing a Trail Map

This afternoon Escapees members, Art Knapp and his wife, Nancy Cullinan, entertained us with slides and commentary about their trip across the United States. They are visiting in Livingston for a few days.

The 70-year-old Art rode his bicycle while Nancy drove their bus to the next RV park or campground. They started on May 1, 2017, at Astoria, Oregon and ended at Yorktown, Virginia on July 31. That’s 4230 miles on the TransAmerica Trail in only three months! They experienced all kinds of weather, including snow several times during the first part of the trip. At one place Art had a stare-down with a bear and her cub for several tense moments. I have seen a great many of the places they visited – but not via bicycle, of course! Their presentation brought back many good memories.

The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail began in 1973 as a way to celebrate the nation’s upcoming 200th birthday. By June of 1976, the Trail was ready and the maps and guidebooks were published. Because this route has been ridden by cyclists for years, many of the cafes, restaurants and overnight accommodations along the route have kept journals consisting of entries written by cross-country riders from previous years, providing a cyclist's history of the route.

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