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Pig on barge

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So many rooms, so much stuff. Imagine the dusting.

Love a good staircase

lovely window boxes everywhere

Your last dining experience

That warm today

art ?

cycle buddy

This is our LAST day in France. Mixed feelings. Certainly stress about getting to the airport as there are discussions about a huge demonstration against the new labor laws planned. We will leave early so hopefully will not be affected. Such a lovely sunny day. Blue skies and 28 degrees. We decided to try out a bus to get part way to the airport. Went well until a large traffic jam. So no bus. The ticket lasts for 90 minutes (so our understanding of the instructions tell us) so we go on the return bus because someone in our party forgot to bring his map with him. It is fun wandering the streets and finding lots of interesting nooks and crannies (whatever they are).

Still people are only too happy to help. We just get out our map. Look a little confused. (Easy for us). And then someone offers help. Walked to a museum and saw again the art collection of a very rich couple from last Centruy. Amazing how much people can amass. Lunch was again a feature of our day. Such embience. Great food too. It is so enjoyable to watch another culture walk by. Another museum and a metro and this time on a driver-less metro train. I could sit at the front and be the driver. Interesting. A visit to a Resistance Museum was sobering to say the least. A very unpleasant time in history for France. Interesting to see a number of bee hives on top of the metro station there. And what would our holiday be without rain? So a quick storm happened but not long enough to get us wet. Back home the emotionally draining and depressing task of packing was begun. Completed I sat to watch TV news which can be repetitive. Chris said lets party. Hmmmmm. Off we go for a walk at 9pm around our local streets. Paris is of course alive. People having dinner and promenading. Let's have a bike ride too. So off to the Seine. Take a short cut up a one way street that clearly says no bicycles, no nothing at all to be going the wrong way. This is unusual as bikes seem to be able to go anywhere. Would you believe it - the police want to talk to us. Hiding my expert French I showed shock that I could be doing the wrong thing. Moi? They then said don't be silly, that's not French, be a good tourist and walk your bike. We made It to the Seine to see a giant party going on. Well many parties really. Hundreds of mostly young people singing, dancing, playing games, drinking, talking, walking, playing music and all capably dodged by us as we rode thru the throngs. Such fun. We walked to a nearby bridge and admired the Eiffel Tower lit up like a Christmas tree in the distance.

A very pleasant end to our holiday and much better than watching the dire news about the predicted riots accompanying the protest tomorrow.

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