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This morning John took me to Dr. Geck’s office. Karen is spending a couple of nights with their daughter and grandchildren at Lakeway. After the doctor visit, we stopped at my rig to pick up a few things and then went to lunch at Shady Grove.

Dr. Geck had X-rays done of my spine and checked the area between my shoulder blades. He pronounced everything fine, which was a relief. I’m scheduled to another follow-up visit on October 22, at which time I should be rid of the back brace. This visit had been scheduled for October 15 but Dr. Geck wants me to wear the brace for a minimum of 12 weeks and the 15th would not be quite 12 weeks from the time I started wearing the brace.

After lunch we stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond to look for a bed desk but they didn’t have what I wanted. However, they did have a body lotion applicator. With it I shouldn’t need to have help with that little task. It has a long handle, which will allow me to also apply lotion to my lower legs and feet.

Then we went to Best Buy to look for a bed desk but they didn’t have one either. I opted for a Targus Chill Mat Plus with 4-Port USB Hub. It has dual fans and it can be adjusted to three viewing levels. It also will work as a prop for books if I set it on something. John found an empty plastic storage container for me to use. It works well enough.

Tonight we had a nice rain of about two inches. More rain is expected for Thursday.

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