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heading into the sunset

We'll be leaving Tucson tomorrow glad that we came here and a bit sorry that we're not staying longer. We've done a lot, but the to-do list remains unfinished. That's OK. It will be a good excuse to come back again. The city is big enough that we can shop at the places we like to shop (Costco, Sam's, Trader Joes), eat at interesting new places as well as favorite old ones (Sweet Tomatoes) and catch up on Academy Award nominated films when the weather is cold. The university offers a myriad cultural activities we haven't had time to check out. And the beautiful desert and mountains are always nearby. We've come to expect sunshine and bright blue skies every day. Nothing is more than half an hour's drive from where we are and there is little traffic congestion. We love the dry climate. It actually feels good to put sun tan block on my face. There are no flies and the laundry dries so fast, this chore doesn't take nearly as long as usual.

We're run into a surprising number of people we know or who think they know us. Today we met another couple who listens to our podcast in the Lazy Days campground. When we went to Camping World, we met two couples we traveled to Mexico with in 2005. And our old friends from our working days have given us a great introduction to the area.

But a huge RV show is pulling us toward Quartzsite. It ends on Sunday and attracts a huge quantity of vendors of gizzmos and gadgets that will be well received by the tens of thousands camping for free in the desert around Quartzsite. We're looking for new tire pressure monitors. The ones we have are unreliable especially in cool weather and their batteries cannot be replaced. And who knows what else we will find?

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