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Needless to say, Delia and I both slept like rocks for the 3 hours that we could sleep. Our plane had an early departure so we were like zombies on the way to the airport on the metro.

Once we got to the airport, I really needed something to eat but I only had a 20 so I ended up buying a "Madrid" bag. its a little bag that goes over one shoulder, they are very popular in Europe and I thought It would be great for traveling.

On the plane I passed out and woke up just before we started to decent for landing. Again, we flew over Rome and I was able to see the city from above. I may be starting to get annoied with Rome (especially compared to other cleaner, more fun and beautiful cities) but its still my home now and I love that I can recognize all the monuments and places from the sky. I even located my apartment!

I thought I was going to come home and sleep all day but the wonderful day and bright sun made me want to do stuff so I have been updating my blog and cleaning... cooking. But I think im definately going to bed super early... maybe in the next half hour...

Wish me luck this week! Hopefully I dont get sick from the lack of sleep. Im headed to London this next weekend to visit my friend Peter!! Im so excited to see him!

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