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Boston-Sandwich Glass Factory Museum - beautiful glass!

Glass blowing demonstration

Did you know that in the 1800s some yellow glass was coloured...

Old Eastham Windmill on Cape Cod - the only one left in...

Red Maples on Cape Cod - they come with variegated leaves

Highland-Cape Cod Lighthouse (moved inland in 1996 to avoid crashing into the...

Where the pilgrams first landed and came inland to find fresh water

Cape Cod dunes - everywhere, because early settlers stripped the trees off...

The Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, Cape Cod, to mark where the pilgrims...

Old Chatham Lighthouse on Cape Cod, at sundown

We left Bourne in the morning and drove to the more northerly bridge over the Cape Cod Canal, and onto the Cape itself. We stopped by the Coast Guard visitor centre to find out all about the canal, and incidentally to buy some seafood chowder at the fish shop nearby. We then drove into the first town, which was Sandwich. In the later 1700s the first glass factory in North America was started there, and the museum had many beautiful examples of their work. (This was the place where pressed glass was invented). They also had a first-rate multi-media production about the founding of the country and the industry in it, and had a glass-blower doing demonstrations for her audience. After a quick stop at the gift shop (come on, this is Brenda here), we drove on out on the cape. There are some old 19th century windmills remaining on the cape, and we stopped to see the one which is still occasionally in operation for the tourists. We then headed out east on the Cape. where most of the seashore is all part of a vast National Park. It wasn't a very sunny day, in fact the wind was biting, but we still did a bit of beach-walking and looking at lighthouses. In this part of Massachusetts you can't help but learn about the pilgrims, and we found out that contrary to what I remember from elementary school, they did NOT land first at Plymouth Rock, but actually at what is now Provincetown at the north end of Cape Cod. They only stayed for a few weeks, and than sailed on to land at Plymouth. We saw some of the pilgrim-related sites at Provincetown, and then started driving back down the cape, and ended up catching our last lighthouse for the day at Chatham, before having our GPS find us a campsite in the dark.

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