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Inside the Mezquita

Deserted streets during Siesta

Mezquita at sunset

Lovely hanging flower pots on the house walls

not many people on the street, just too hot

The cathedral in the centre of the mezquita

Walking along in the heat

Picturesque houses in small alleys

horse taxi in the shade

We took 4-hour bus ride from Malaga to our next destination in Andalucía, Cordoba. We were scared to step out of the bus when we arrived, because the thermometer was reading 47 degrees outside! It was almost too dangerous to walk with our heavy backpacks in this heat. Cordoba is in the middle of the dessert and the hottest place on our trip so far including South-East Asia. We are normally tough and wonder around a lot when we arrive to a new town, but the heat was just unbearable here. Walking around the town around 3pm, the streets are absolutely deserted. We again realised how smart Spanish are to create a custom like Siesta to avoid the heat. We had to take a break in the shade every 15mins or so, and decided to return to our hotel before becoming like sun-dried tomatoes.

Cordoba is famous for its magnificent Mezquita, a beautiful and fascinating building that symbolizes religious changes Cordoba has undergone over the centuries. Nowadays the Mezquita is the cathedral of Cordoba but the majority of its art and architecture originates from the Islamic architects who built it as a mosque in the 8th century, so it was built as a mosque, then turned into a church. We actually felt that this strange historical background of the mosque has given it great originality. When we stepped inside, we couldn’t tell if it’s a mosque or church. A huge prayer area with many columns reminded us of Mosques we visited in other countries, but it also has a beautiful (one of the best we have seen) cathedral right in the centre. And the greatest thing of all was that it was very cool inside. It wasn’t air-conditioned, it was just designed and built well with marble stones and great ventilation. It is amazing to know that people 1200 years ago were so smart.

We didn’t do much in the day time, just too hot to do anything. However once the sun’s set, this small town gets pretty lively. We again enjoyed great tapas here, the speciality of Cordoba was stewed ox-tail, and it was delicious. It’s probably been slow cooked for a long time, so tender, moist and full of flavour. We enjoyed Andalucían food so much, but the time has come and we are now leaving this beautiful region. We are now heading to the capital city of Spain, Madrid, and it will be our final destination in Spain. Adeus!

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