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Charleston Visitor Center

Battery Park


Narrow streets



Gas porch light

Another one

Chandelier & wall sconce visible

Taken from the waterfront wall

Three different style iron railing on one house

Pelican profile with motion

Pelican in flight


City market

Telephone pole decorated with chewing gum!!

Here we are in historic Charleston, SC on this lovely yet dreary day. The weather station is saying the nor'easter is affecting the Tidewater area(our home base). In fact, my daughter, Mary Ellen called to give us the "lowdown". It sounds like flooding of roads and fields and winds gusting 60-70 mph has closed businesses and schools. This is being likened to Hurricane Isabella. Once the surge effect begins, it takes awhile for the slosh to lose momentum.

We arrived just prior to lunch, set up, and took off for the visitor center on Meeting Street. Charleston is known as the "Holy City" for all the elegant steeples and spires. Streets are narrow; photography can be challenging. We tired quickly of touring in the truck. Parking at Battery Park was grand. After donning rain gear, our feet did the touring. Centuries old buildings and homes, three stories tall are closely positioned to each other. Elegant iron gates/fences, flower covered walls, manicured gardens hold many secrets of the past. Corky was most intrigued with the ornate chandeliers visible through the windows. Enjoy the photos! It was evident architecture and historical artifacts have been preserved as signified by the brass historical plaque. Outside lights are gas-no electric seen. Fort Sumpter, where the civil war began, is on the agenda for tomorrow. See ya!

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