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View From in Front of Diran Hotel

Remains of Minapin Glacier

Put That Shirt Down Tim!

Bridge Crossing on Way to Glacier

Hauling Fodder From Mtns.

The Route/Trail Up to Glacier

Donkey: "You Mean You Want Me to Go Down That?"

Off to Minapin 11 am but on wrong bus as it turned out(from Aliabad the correct one leaves at noon direct to Diran Hotel, not 11 as the LP says), so we were dropped on KKH at road jnct to Minapin. A policeman(not in uniform) kindly carried Bon's pack the 1 1/2 km to his house. Here he served us Cokes and we talked about his story - son of an engineer, grandson or greatgrandson of mir of Kashmir. His home is on land where a fort once stood in the fight against the British some 100 yrs ago. His uncle owns the Diran Hotel and there is a gun over a door there once used against the Brittish!

When we arrived after another hike and lift on a tractor hauled wagon filled w/ sand, we found Ralph(Maine) just arrived as well for the start of his 3 day trek! We also found the Scottish biking couple(Andrew & Tracy) from Kashgar and the Aussie family - Pam, Dave, Tashi, Mitchell & Zoe Quinn!! Eve came w/ a fine game of UP & Down the River!


After porridge we hiked up the trail toward Minapin glacier(also the trail to Rakaposhi basecamp where Ralph was headed last nite). To the small campsite area by noon and an overlook at the glacier from the moraine. After a bit we returned via the rocky trail to Diran Hotel by 3 - 5 hrs, altho Bon & I waited at the bottom an hour, Bon was concerned(Mari twists ankles easily) since we hadn't seen Mari coming and she being slow is usually not THIS slow - no worries, she was just slow! On trekking up 500+ m. we saw a fellow halp way there in a side canyon throwing juniper logs down the slope/gulley. I'd guess these juniper are at least 100+ yrs old giving the rocky site, lack of moisture, and short growing season.

Eve performance: Aussie family organized a show for the mgmt - dance, music, card tricks, and poem of thanks for the good hospitality...a fine time had by all.

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