We left all the aliens early this morning heading to Albuquerque...:-)

Check out the huge cowboy we passed today..

One more..:-)

We saw a lot of snow on the drive..

Lots of antelopes too..


Arriving at our campground near Albuquerque in the mountains...

All set up and it starts snowing....:-) We love it!

We had an easy drive today, only about 180 miles to Albuquerque. We left all the aliens behind early this morning and arrived in Albuquerque around one in the afternoon. We saw a lot of antelopes on the drive today, they were everywhere. We also saw what looked like two hitchhikers until we got close enough to see, they were huge cowboys on both sides of the road. Cool!

We are all set up high in the mountains near Albuquerque. We were hoping to get here in time to see at least one snow, we really missed seeing the snow this year. We were happy to see it start coming down as soon as we got all set up. We are hoping to get enough to build a snowman. We will be staying here for a few weeks, we are happy to be in one place for a while. Check back later for more from Albuquerque.

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