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Mario, our guide

Crossing at Reynosa

Another shot

Government housing project


Our trusty steed for the trip

Street scene

Huge, modern grocery store, ala HEB or Wal-Mart

Nice restaurant
















Our Hotel







Tour friends

Front of our Hotel

The alarm clock went off this morning at 4:00 AM. I jumped out of bed and turned on the water heater and started the coffee.

That was Marilyn’s signal to get up also.

I checked out the internet for e-mail and for the blogs of friends. By that time the water was hot, so I turned the water heater off and took my shower. Once I was dressed for the day, Marilyn & I sat down to our morning coffee.

By 6:00 AM, all of our chores were done, bags were outside, the RV was locked and the water supply was turned off.

Heinz loaded our bags into the back of his truck and drove us up to the north laundry room, where we were being picked up for our trip to Mexico.

Heinz visited with us for a few minutes as we waited for our ride. He had just started to go after Ted & Sue when we saw them walking down the path toward us.

About that time, we saw Thomas arrive to take us to the designated pickup point for the tour bus. That pick up point happened to be the Best Western Motel where our friends from Missouri stayed when they were here.

We thanked Heinz and said goodbye before crawling into the Suburban for the short ride to the Motel.

We waited only a few minutes for the bus to arrive. Several other couples joined the group at the Best Western and we pulled out of that parking lot right at 6:30 AM.

Our next stop was in McAllen to pick up a few more passengers and then the last stop on the USA side was to exchange dollars for pesos.

We crossed the bridge into Mexico at Reynosa and were soon on the way.

The bus is very comfortable, with 42 plush seats, which recline. There are only 24 passengers so it is very comfortable on board the bus.

There is room in the overhead storage compartment for our carry on items and the suitcases are stored under the passenger compartment.

They have bottled water and several varieties of soda iced down for us and that is all at no charge.

Mario, our guide, is a fine young man who has a great knowledge of the history of the area we travel through.

The scenery was pretty routine until we reached Ciudad Victoria, where we began a climb into the mountains. We traveled through some nice scenery as we drove through the Sierra Madre mountains.

We made a stop in Ciudad Victoria for lunch, even though most of us had packed a lunch with our carry on snack bag.

We enjoyed the lunch stop as it gave us time to walk around and explore the area a bit.

We finally arrived at San Louis Potosi just a few minutes after 6:00 PM and we were in our hotel by 6:30.

They greeted us with a cocktail and handed us our room keys, along with a remote control for the TV and a remote for the A/C and heat.

Our bags were delivered to our room and we quickly left to go have dinner with Ted & Sue.

Ted isn’t feeling well and we wanted to eat as soon as possible, so as to allow Ted to get in bed and rest up. He has a cold or allergy and was running a fever, but the medicine seemed to help him a bit.

Our dinner was here in the hotel and we selected a table where we could do some serious “people watching” as the street and sidewalks were crowded.

There was music playing outdoors and people strolling by, many of the couples, hand in hand. It reminded me of being in Europe, where this sort of thing is commonplace.

Oh, one more thing! The cost of our buffet dinner was less than $10.00 dollars. For both of us! 125 pesos including the tip! At an exchange rate of 14.10 pesos to each dollar, that was a bargain.

When our dinner was complete, Marilyn & Sue went for a walk around the area, enjoying the plaza and the three weddings they observed.

As I sat in our room writing this blog, I heard a loud BOOM! I was startled and turned to look outdoors. That was when I observed the fireworks just outside our seventh floor window. It was awesome! I was regretting that Marilyn missed it, but she and Sue had seen it up close.

Marilyn was so excited when she returned. She just fell in love with Mexico and with the City of San Louis Potosi.

So I need to get some pictures downloaded for you loyal readers.

We are already having a great time and the trip has just begun.

So, we just can hardly wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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