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Montreal from Mont Real Park

Holy metal relic of Montreal

Streets of Old Montreal

I am having fun

Ready for Hyde park and some cones now!

Not another museum!!


1978 Olympic Park


Protesting about something or other

Dom: For some reason i was surprised to find out that 'Montreal' means 'Royal Mountain'. It seems obvious now. Especially now we've seen the massive mount in the middle of the city. Montreal is on an island, and is Canada's largest city. Winter lasts for 5 months of the year! And it's not like winter in England. Of course much of Canada is like this which made ice-skating an ideal past-time. Everyone here skates from birth, and in the summer they rollerblade instead. In England there is a slight gay stigma to rollerblading but it's acceptable behaviour here. That explains why so many Canadians found it so funny to see a grown man trying to rollerblade for the first time. This is indeed a rare sight here i think. Glad to have brought a little happiness to their lives. Of course C was accomplished on wheeled shoes.

Montreal is in the province of Quebec, the frenchiest part of Canada. At times it really does fell like being in France, especially when your beer is half froth, and when old ladies push infront of you in the line.

Every year in June the Formula 1 circus hits town. The track is on an island next to Montreal. We set aside a day, made a packed lunch, walked to the ferry terminal to find everything closed. The summer season hadn't started. So we found a place in a park and lounged for the afternoon. It was great and, i suspect, more fun than walking round a perfect tarmac road.

The city held the Olympic Games in 1978 (?) which is a big deal. So we thought we'd go and check out the Olympic village. Once there we decided we had no appetite for it so we didn't bother.

The rest of our time here has been spent walking the streets of the old town, and in the Royal Mountain park.

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