We all enjoyed the "desert dogs" tonight..

Our new geocaching friend on the right..Carol

New friends from Canada on the left...

Last one, the rest of the group..

We had a great time tonight with a lot of new friends from all over the country and Canada. We met them around the fire a few days ago when they invited us to a “desert dog” initiation. I had no idea what desert dogs were, but found them to be very tasty tonight. :-) Desert dogs are hot dogs served with your choice of tortillas. They also had tomatoes cut up to add to them, shredded cheese, your choice of sautéed or raw onions, slaw and of course chili. They also served barbecue beans and desserts. We chose the chocolate brownies, they also had cheesecake that looked awesome.

We all sat and talked after dinner around the fire for hours, I am guessing we had about 30 people in attendance. This is one of the friendliest RV parks we have ever stayed in. We have a lot of invitations to many events this week, everything from bingo to fishing for trout to geocaching and golfing. We have a busy week ahead of us getting ready for the cruise and enjoying time with so many new friends.

Jerry also introduced a lot of them to his “Slap Your Mama” hot sauces, they were a huge hit on the desert dogs. :-) It was another great day in California, check back later for more.

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