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Monday, October 17, 2005. Green Acres School, Masaka, Uganda. While staying at Red Chilli Camp in Murchison Falls National Park, Caroline, Audrey (the Irish girls) and I met Einer and Edward. In speaking with Einer, a Chilean American, we learned that he had recently arrived in Uganda to volunteer at a school run by Edward and to set up a program to assist disabled children. Einer and Edward invited us to visit their school and stay at their home. The school is located outside the town of Masaka, about a two hour bus ride southwest of Kampala. Masaka was largely razed by the Tanzanian army back in 1979 during their successful campaign to remove then Uganda president Idi Amin from power. I arrived in Masaka late in the afternoon and caught a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) to Green Acres School, about seven kilometers outside town. The boda-boda drove over mostly dirt roads, past two small villages and down a long winding road to the school, which sat on a small hill overlooking a valley. It would definitely be a long walk into town. As we neared the school, I was warmly greeted by the Headmaster, Einer, Audrey, and Caroline, all sitting along the road at the entrance to the school. Little did I know what was in store for me the next day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005. Green Acres School, Masaka, Uganda. Audrey awoke ill with flu-like symptoms. She had planned to teach an upper school class, while Caroline would teach a nursery class. Caroline and Einer appointed me to substitute for Audrey. We walked the short distance to the school where we were greeted warmly by the 150 students and the headmaster. I taught my class of eight in the morning period. Actually, it was really a get to know each other session. Their command of English, math, and science was excellent.

With a background in helping the disabled, Einer plans to spend a year developing programs for the disabled children in this community. Audrey and Caroline agreed to stay for the semester as voluntary teachers. If you would like to make a contribution to the school, please let me know, or you may contact Einer directly at Based on my visit, I am certain that all contributions will go directly to benefiting the children of Masaka.

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