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If the motor home had to break down, it picked a good place to do so. On The Great Outdoors campus, there is an RV repair facility. We had them install things over the years, but we were always able to come to them and often had to wait weeks for an appointment this time of year. Within an hour of notifying them of our plight, they had a technician at our campsite, struggling to remove the broken alternator so it could be rebuilt by a local technician and reinstalled. The removal was a bear and took over two hours - ca-ching, ca-ching. The alternator rebuild required some parts that were not delivered by UPS until the end of the day today. But as I write all that waits to be done is installing the new belt and we should be back in business. I won't feel totally sure that everything is perfect until we go for a drive, but this seems to have turned out much better than I feared. All you need is money.

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