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Snack time

Himeji Castle

View from the Castle

The old sword rack

The gardens


Octopus balls...yummy


Dotobori Street


The river

Today we headed to Himeji Castle an hour away from Osaka. The castle was built in the 1600s and was the main castle of some of Japan's biggest clans.

The Castle was very traditional. We were able to go inside and visit all six floors, it was fascinating to see where the swords would have been stored and the bowmen would fire their arrows from during battle.

We then took a walk through a beautiful and very traditional garden. The main garden was broken up into various little gardens all with different themes to them. At this point we were melting so decided to go for lunch to cool off. We opted for Ramen which was very delicious.

To finish the day we headed for a very popular food street called Dotobori. It was exactly how you would imagine it to be with the streets teeming with people and radiant neon lights shining from all directions. For dinner we decided to try a few little nibbles so opted for octopus balls with cheese and BBQ sauce, followed by dumplings and gyozas.

The challenge of the day was whilst using the toilet in a game arcade it had that many buttons in Japanese I actually couldn't figure out how to flush it.

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