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can ride anywhere!

Every satin glass window has a story, I have forgotten what this...

The twirling pillar down the back is a bit unique

Ideas for our next front door

We are off the The Arc De Triumph way in the background

Getting closer

Magnificent view from the top

Like the juxtoposition?

This hardly captures the (exorbitant) luxury

Band is to the left, crowd on the street, cars going around...

It is with difficulty I lift my fingers and pound the keyboard. Big, big day. Yes I know starting at 9:30 and finishing at 6pm is not that big, but it was for us. Half hour bike ride to St Servine church with its history and glass. I thought with the organ playing and men at seats in suits reading a sheet that maybe we were interrupting something, perhaps a funeral. So I asked a bloke - 'prive'? It was my best French and yes he had no idea what I was saying. Never mind we got the message it was ok to wander. Great old church. Walk to Arc de Triomph thru the gardens near the Louvre. Big walk. Then climbed 284 steps (thanks Mrs Google for the info) to a wonderful view and NO rain. Just ominous clouds but pleasant all the same. Lots to see. This is Paris you know. Lunch. I got it wrong, but Chris had a delicious fish. I ordered my steak rare (blue) but they thought I said really really tough. My jaws got a work out. Off on the bikes again to The Opera House (Garnier). Passed a Scot in a kilt busking playing the bagpipes. Didn't seem to have any money. Now the opera house was unbelievable. It rivals Versailles in decore. It is extravagant to say the least. Amazing. We got kicked out unfortunately as we seem to have got the closing time wrong. Fortunately this time Chris did not argue with the guards. Then a couple of metros home, with a walk thru some local gardens. Great plants - wonderful flowers. Found some wallabies grazing in an enclosure. Looked very well fed. Thought the day was over as we had dinner and shower ready for shut eye. Then the music. Little did we know it was world music day. Traditionally this means you get some friends together and make music, the louder the better. We heard it coming form a block away so off we went at 9pm It was between rock and metal - such fun. The small crowd spilled out onto the street and we enjoyed 30 minutes of music. Cars just slowed down and drove around. Now it is time for beds. Oh, on the way home another band - this time rock/jazz. All such fun.

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