Ginny's Adventures 2013 travel blog

good smile, Connie!

You can depend on this to save the leaks caused by laughing!

Laurie was taking a pic of eye in lens

the spring-mounted support bra

Dann is skeptical

Markie wants the cane!

putting it all together and acting the part of an old lady!

showing off the hat, earrings, and new blouse and necklace!

Dann hosted a small party to celebrate Connie turning 60 on Monday. Jeanne, Laurie, Gette, Rosemary, and I had a very nice visit and party with her. The pool was warm and inviting, the food, including pork ribs, beans, greek salad, and chips and dips, was very tasty, and the cake was plentiful and sweet! The rain came right after we decided to move indoors to open gifts. Of course there were gag gifts along with nice ones. Connie was a very good sport to show us how the support bra works with the springs to hold up sagging boobs. The cane had squeaky things on and in it, so the dog that is living with them until their son comes home wanted it. She chews up squeaky toys!

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