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Carpe at the Escapee Resort RV Park

Are we getting near Orlando or what?

On I 4 thru Orlando

Only in Orlando...

South of Orlando we headed south on US 27

Escapee's SKP Resort in Wauchula

Thu, 17 Oct: We're here... for now!

A road day, and happily, a short road day. Today's total was a mere 144 miles with an average of 8.2 mpg. Both of us drove short (70 mile) segments, and we both had our share of aggravation. Most important, we didn't lose or damage anything today. The way things have been going of late, that's a big plus!

Since our site in Daytona Beach was a pull thru we didn't have to disconnect Dinkum last evening, which meant we didn't have to connect him today. That's another big plus!

Checklists complete we started the engine and rolled wheels at 0910. As mentioned yesterday, the roadways in this RV park are very tight, so Sandi took her time negotiating the turns and successfully missing all the cars, trucks, (and motorcycles) carelessly parked halfway into the road.

Back on GA 92 east a short distance to I 95 south and then another mile to I 4 west. I 4 was a major construction project for the first ten or so miles, which resulted in narrow and uneven lanes. Once past the construction Sandi immediately entered Orlando, which I 4 transits smack thru the middle. Traffic was a mix of clueless tourists and even more clueless locals. Hasn't anyone ever taught these people how to merge?

Somehow we survived and another twenty miles to US 27, a major north/south central Florida route. At the first convenient turnout Sandi relinquished the helm to Bob who got to play in traffic for the remaining seventy miles.

US 27 is a nice road, divided with two or three lanes in each direction, and many, many stop lites (notice, nobody ever calls them "go lites"?) We got our fair share of them, but overall it was a lovely drive.

North of Sebring we moved to FL 64 for another nineteen miles directly to the Escapees SKP Cooperative park, The Resort. We managed to arrive at 1204, four minutes after the office closed for lunch. We've been here before and always seem to time it this way. Must be in our genes.

We pulled into the registration parking area and made lunch. By the time we finished lunch it was after one and Sandi got us registered. Bob followed the nice man in his golf cart and we were safely and comfortably parked in a full hookup paved site with excellent Verizon, Dish, and wireless access.

Sat, 19 Oct: We're enjoying some down time...

Today is Day 2 of our planned six day stop at the Escapees Florida SKP Resort in Wauchila, FL. We arrived here midday Thursday and, once settled in, never left the park for the balance of the day.

Yesterday, Friday, Sandi drove to the local hospital to have here regular bi-monthly blood draw. Once the paperwork was finished the actual stick-the-needle-in-and-draw-the-blood part went quickly and painlessly. They sent the results to the Doc at the Scottsdale Mayo and Sandi got a phone call late in the day that all was OK! Those are always the best kind of calls to receive.

When Sandi returned home from her fasting blood draw Bob had hot tea waiting for her and wrassled up a yummy omelette. Wow, what a Guy!

After breakfast cleanup we tackled the load of laundry we'd accumulated since our last scrubby session back in Gaffney. We ran five loads thru the park's machines and are now the proud owners of heaps and heaps of clean duds, sheets, etc. We'll probably do one or two more loads before we leave as these facilities are top notch and very, very reasonable.

Today we got up when we got up, enjoyed a relaxing breakfast, and then headed to Wal*Mart for some essentials. We're eating our way out of our fridge/freezer but we did need some produce for salads and such. We're trying to work things out so we run out of food about the time we put the coach in storage. We'll see...

Monday we have an appointment to have Dinkum's oil & filter changed along with lube and general inspection/service. If all goes well we'll also get our flu shots at the local CVS while we're out and about.

Tuesday is haircut day. It has been quite a while since we've had our hair done and we're both a bit shaggy. We'll see what comes out of this...

Then, Wednesday morning we're "outta heah" for Hobe Sound on the Atlantic Coast. We have made arrangements to store the coach in Hobe Sound, which is close to the Frerkings where we'll be leaving the car. As usual, John and Eileen insist on driving us to Fort Lauderdale instead of the train station. They're just the best...

Stay tuned...

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