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Viewer discretion advised. Today we went to the Holocaust museum. We saw the story of a kid named Daniel, his story was based on the combined stories of many Holocaust survivors. He was a Jew during the time of the Holocaust, and we walked through his life, from when he was free and his parents had a shop, to moving to the ghetto, then the camp, and finally free again. After that we saw a huge main exhibit about the whole war and the first picture is of charred remains of people. That is why I said viewer discretion advised, This place it is scary. but I learned a lot, so it was worth it. Afterward we went To the Smithsonian Museum of American History. I liked the section about the presidents. I also like the section on the original flag from the war of 1812 that the Star Spangle Banner was written about. While I was there I got separated from my dad and met a lady from Napa who let me use her phone to call him. Funny thing was she knew where Castro Valley was, she had dated a guy from there. We ate dinner back at our house and for dessert we had Choco-Tacos: Ice cream in a waffle shell shaped like a taco, topped with hard chocolate. And it tasted good!

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