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lovely shop in Mijas

Taxi in Mijas

a church in a cave

bull fight studium in mijas

a view of Mijas town, all white

beautiful window

getting lost again

lexi missed a step

beautiful town to walk around


The National bus system in Spain is excellent with frequent time tables throughout the country, so our bus ride from Granada to Malaga wasn’t bad at all. Malaga is a port city in Andalucía with lively streets, and we are staying here for 2 nights as a base to visit the small white towns and villages at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Spain is probably the least English-speaking country that we’ve visited so far, and we have encountered some communication problems every now and then, but we somehow managed to get what we wanted at the end, like taking a local bus to the white town of Mijas. We asked the driver if this bus takes us to Mijas, and he just talked very quickly in Spanish and we had no idea what he just said. We asked him again “ahh, Mijas?” and he said something in Spanish even more quickly this time. We do this for a few more times trying to convince ourselves that this is the right bus, then paid a fee and sat down. While sitting on the bus I was still half-worried and half-thinking “where are going”. One great thing is that no one has been rude or seemed annoyed towards us even when we struggled to understand them and was holding up a queue behind us. Some people told us Europeans can be quite rude with tourists, especially for English-speaking ones, but this wasn’t true. Everyone has been patient and helpful. One of our rules is that we try to learn and speak their language, at least basic conversations like hello, thank you and stuff. We believe no one will be nasty to you if you have a respective attitude and are trying hard to speak their language.

Anyway we were relieved to see the sign saying “welcome to Mijas”, after going through mountainous, windy and narrow roads for a few hours. It was the most beautiful town we’ve visited so far in Europe. Located on the rocky cliff, all the houses without exception are painted white. Walls of houses are decorated with cute painted tiles with hanging flower vases. Walking through stone-tiled little alleys we smelled great food the locals were cooking for lunch, saw kids playing and old ladies chatting and laughing, the town has a very laid-back country-side atmosphere and we just loved walking around this pretty town.

One dish we haven’t tried yet in Spain was Paella, rice, seafood, odd vegetables and often chicken or meat, all simmered together and traditionally coloured with saffron. Not that we didn’t want to eat it, we just didn’t want to eat it in some touristy restaurant and have been looking for real local restaurant to try our favourite Spanish dish. When we were sort of lost in this town, we finally found the right restaurant. I don’t know why or how but Hiro has a great instinct to find great food. This restaurant was small, family-run sort of atmosphere, out of the tourist street, no English menu or signs, actually we didn’t even know if it was open or not as no one was inside, but Hiro somehow smelled something, and decided “let’s have paella here”. When we walked inside an old lady came out from the kitchen, took us to the lovely table by the window. When we ordered Paella, she smiled and said something in Spanish, which we guessed she said “very good choice, my paella is the best” or something. She also used fingers and told us “50mins”. We were happy to wait with nice cold beer and olives. The paella was absolutely great!! Best food we have had in Europe for sure. It was beautifully flavoured with seafood stock and surprisingly moist, and big enough for two of us. Thankyou mama.

Back in Malaga, we enjoyed great Tapas every night. Each area in Spain has different specialities and you’ll never get bored of eating it. Our (food) adventure now continues to the next town in Andalucía, Cordoba! Who said we’d lose weight on trip!

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