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HOME SWEET HOME!! We're back on the home front until Nov 11, at which time the truck hitch and the coach will reconnect! Heading southwesterly will certainly take us to a visit with Corky's son-Dee, wife-Naomi, and grandson-Kai. Happy fifth birthday to Kai! Dee and Kai flew in for a visit back in August. His activity is just as it should be-full of energy, curious, and very bright. I recall watching him running around the open field catching butterflies with his net!

Rendezvousing with Julia, my sister went perfectly. She and I traveled late into the night, both to and fro Atlanta. Even though we were attending our aunt's funeral, the time was a celebration and reconnection for all the family. Separated by distance, jobs, time, ruts, etc. (you know the idea); most of us don't stay in as close touch as intended. Plus, it's fun to now view ourselves as "older" adults. Our memories reflect on a youthful age. To Uncle Charles, we love you so much. It was he who reminded us all of our childhood nicknames, silly things each had done, fun times of he and Daddy as children, etc. You know I could go on and on. To Gene and Wanda-thank you for the hospitality-a simple thank you genuinely rich!

One of the best surprises returning home, was an invitation to supper with Corky's folks. Yum and NO cooking for me. Mrs. Howell is a creative and delicious cook. Today means Corky's off attending to errands for his mom and dad; I'm going to the grocery store. "Dullsville" for you the reader. Friday is multiple errands day for us in Suffolk. Think of all the mail to sort-ugh! It's time for me to make some progress with this day as I've stretched out the morning lazy's farther than normal!

Remember Bill & Helen? (mentor/friend) Seeing the message box flashing on the Trip Journal page ALWAYS make my heart skip a beat with excitement. Helen and Bill have traveled enough years to settle a few months in one spot(a rite of fulltiming passage). It's great to know you all are settled. That's the beauty of carrying your home on wheels. Their location caters to fulltimers/snowbirds. Owning their own lot in this community allows them just enough yard work, maintenance, storage shed,etc. to remind them this is why they downsized from a stick built home-ha! Enjoy and stay healthy, our friend.

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