We are enjoying the snow in the mountains..

We had our Valentine's Day dinner here..

We visited Nob Hill for Jerry's birthday...

Views from Nob Hill..


We loved Nob Hill and are planning a trip back already...

Loved the unusual homes in the neighborhood..


We saw a roadrunner run across the street here...

He was so cool and FAST...:-)

Beautiful snow-capped mountains..

Jerry had wonderful Japanese food for his special day..

It was beautiful and delicious..

Sorry for the blurry view..

This area is loaded with restaurants and shopping..

I want to check out this French Restaurant later too..

Last one, the beautiful drive home...

We have had a very busy month, this will be a fast update for all we have done. February 6th was our anniversary, we had snow and decided to just stay in and enjoy a take out pizza. For Valentine’s Day, we celebrated at the Route 66 Casino Resort, they had a wonderful buffet with all the snow crab legs you could eat and much more. We both love crab legs and both got our fill. :) When we have crab legs we fill up on them and hardly eat anything else with them, we did try a bite of steak and some sushi with them. It was a little pricey at $36 each but it was worth it.

Jerry’s birthday was on the 16th. We went out for incredible Japanese food for his special day. We had planned to have dinner at the Shogun but it was closed. We ended up at a nice Japanese Restaurant in the Nob Hill section of Albuquerque. We loved the food, it was so beautiful it was almost a shame to eat it, it was a work of art and delicious. My pictures do not do it justice, but you can get an idea. We had tempura shrimp with tempura vegetables including peppers, potatoes, onions, sweet potato and more.

We loved the area where the restaurant was located and plan a trip back soon just to see all of the Route 66 Memorabilia. Nob Hill has a special tour just to see all the vintage neon signs glow alongside new neon signs, as shops and restaurants have kept up the authentic look of old Route 66. With a focus on shopping, dining and architecture, this tour serves as an excellent introduction to the city. We gave out of time today but will be going back for the awesome tour later. Check back later for more from Albuquerque.

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