Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Paul in the door at Copacabana - he left with bruises all...

View from our window of Lake Titicaca

We sat on the benches in small rascal van to travel to Copacabana from La Paz where we intended to visit Isla Del Sol one of the islands on Lake Titicaca. There is an ancient legend that says the sun was born on Isla Del Sol and the Incas believe that their first emperor rose from the rock called Titicaca (Rock of the Puma).

4 hours on an uncomfy bus was not the best and it wasn't helped by Helen having to sit next to a rather large stinking old woman. She was covered with ground in dirt and obviously hadn't bathed in a long time - she kept falling asleep on Helen until a sharp dig in the ribs gave her the hint that it was not appreciated.

Arrived in Copacabana and we momentarily took leave of our senses and accepted a room that we hadn't fully checked out - it turned out to be a hole. Cobwebbed showers, lumpy bed with cardboard and plastic bags under the mattress to try and even out the lumps. God knows what we were thinking.

It then turned out that because it was Carnival week the bank that could give us a cash advance on our Visa (no ATM's in this town) was completely shut. Feeling slightly miffed that we would have to wait a day for money for our trip we headed off for dinner. On our way we found the locals celebrating Carnival - sounds fantastic until you realise this involves throwing water on everyone. Not just water guns and water bombs but whole buckets of water!! They particularly target Gringos and we copped for a full bucket in the only clean clothes we had left! Helen caught most of it and her fleece and trousers were absolutely drenched - we had to sit and eat dinner sopping wet through.

Thoroughly ragged off we headed back to our cold room and went to bed at 8pm in an effort to get the day over with asap!

Next day we moved hostel to one that was actually very nice - clean, hot showers, good bed, views of the bright blue Lake Titicaca and the same price as the previous one!

Only bad news was that the bank was yet again shut all day so we were at the point of penny pinching - who'd have thought we'd be like this in a country that charges around 2 quid for a three course lunch!

Passed the day away by learning Spanish and dodging more water bombs.

Third day in Copacabana arrived to find that the bank would open but only at 2.30pm! The next bus to Peru was at 1.30pm - we'd decided we'd had enough of this town and so cashed in the only money we had - Chilean Pesos - and got enough to pay for the bus tickets and our night in the hostel. Spent two hours mulling over a chicken sandwich and coffee (the only things we could afford) before boarding our bus and getting the hell out of Dodge!!

No trip to Isla del Sol but if we spent another day in Copacabana we would have lost it!

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