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Olympic athlete with fans




If you watched the Olymics, this must look familiar

There is a great thing about the trains/subways in Berlin, there is a clock showing when the next one is arriving. Except for the one that we needed in the morning to the airport at 5 in the morning and which left as we arrived to the platform. Next one 30 min later; nevertheless we made it to the plane in time.

Athens had none of the clouds and the cool weather of the last days. First we went to the port of Athens, Piraeus to put our backpack in left luggage office. From here we went into the city and ran around for awhile to see the Acropolis and other ancient sites. There were a lot fewer tourists than one would expect from Athens and many of those who were around had Olympic badges hanging on them. Standing on the acropolis we both were a little surprised. Michelle did not know before just how big Athens was and I was very happy to see that the air was a lot cleaner than 15 years ago when I was last there. Generally we were very impressed how the Greeks pulled off the Olympics and everything around it. Anyway, after watching it so long on TV, before going out to the ferry, we wanted to see the new Olympic stadium. We took the shuttle bus and praised that they allocated a lane on the roads for the Olympic shuttle buses alone, otherwise we would have sat in traffic till eternity. But this way we saw it, and were impressed again and made it out to the port again. We got on our boat and were happy to see that there were lots of comfortable seating for the "deck" passengers and that there were not so many of us and hence we could take up a row and sleep there. [When we had booked "deck" tickets I was picturing that we would be outside actually on the deck. I was very pleasantly surprised that the boat was like a cruise ship and that the deck area was more like the inside of an airplane. - Michelle]

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