Jerry got new glasses in Mexico in one hour...

He is very pleased with them.....

No lines when we leave Mexico around 4:00 P.M..

A beautiful sunset on our drive back to El Centro..

Last one!

We went back to Mexico again today. I got my teeth cleaned for $25 and Jerry got his glasses for $130, the same pair of glasses at Walmart were $300. He even got the flexible frames that do not break if you sit on them, or drop them etc.

We also made our appointments very late in the afternoon around 3:00 P.M. We realized if you leave around 4 or 5, the lines are fast and easy. We only had about ten people ahead of us. We are going back tomorrow for Valentine's Day, just for fun. :-)

We will also be moving to Yuma or Quartzsite, Arizona soon, still trying to decide which one. Jerry wants to have a new satellite system installed in our RV, both places have great deals on them, we will decide which one next week.

Check back later for more from somewhere in Arizona. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!!

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