We had a great time shopping in Algodones today...

Jerry ordering our tacos..

Colorful items for sale..

Even the table where we had lunch was colorful..



Colorful Valentine gifts too...

I love shopping for jewelry in Mexico...

More goodies...


Jerry got his hair cut today for $3, I got mine done...

My emerald green necklace set from my sweetheart...:-)

My gorgeous blue set...

Very close view of the opal seahorses..I love them..

Last one!

We hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Jerry and I spent most of the day back in Algodones, Mexico. This time we went just for fun, no appointments for glasses etc. We had shrimp tacos for lunch at one of the restaurants recommended by a friend, they were delicious. We shopped all over the town today, we almost bought a wooden carved moose to put on the patio until we tried to figure where to store during travel days. You learn fast when traveling by RV that space is hard to come by, I would have to take something else out, so I passed on my 3 foot wooden carved moose. I wish I had taken a picture, he was really cool.

I am adding pictures from our trip to Mexico We met one cool guy who asked me to take his picture and put him on Facebook. I have no idea why he asked, I don’t do a lot of Facebook so I am adding him to this update instead. :-)

Jerry Valentine gifts to me this year were two beautiful necklace sets with matching earrings, one also had a matching bracelet. He also gave me another pair of gorgeous earrings shaped like seahorses that are filled with opals and another pair with mother of pearl. Absolutely beautiful gifts, I was very pleased. After a weeks cruise I did not want any candy, I am definitely on Weight Watchers again.

We wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. We will be leaving El Centro in a day or so, heading to Quartzsite or Yuma, still trying to decide which.

Check back later for more from Arizona.

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