We are in Yuma, Arizona for a couple of days..




Last one, a cool sitting area in the park...

This is a quick update to let everyone know we have arrived in Yuma. It was a quick and easy travel day, we only had to drive about 75 miles from El Centro, California to Yuma, Arizona. It took us about 1 1/2 hours, we are all set up and ready to have our satellite installed and the RV washed and waxed.

The Wi-Fi started our really great, then, it almost died. The cable only has a few channels and it’s quite fuzzy, but the new satellite will fix that in the morning. I am adding a few pictures taken on the drive, pardon the dirty windshield. We could not believe how many Arizona signs there were when we entered the state and then a ton of welcome to Yuma ones also. I usually have one shot at catching the state line, today I got about four of them. :-)

We have a couple of busy days planned for RV stuff, I will post if anything fun happens. Check back later for more from Yuma.

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