One of many awesome farms on our drive today..

Miles of greens..

Loved the yellow flowers blooming in the desert..

We loved seeing these again too...:-)

Check out the road ahead...:-)

Arriving in Quartzsite...

We had great fish at Grubstake's....

We can't wait to start shopping tomorrow...:-)

Last one..our site in Quartzsite...

This is a quick update to let everyone know we have safely arrived. We had another fast and easy travel day from Yuma to Quartzsite, about 75 miles. We are all set up and ready to start exploring tomorrow. We loved seeing all the yellow flowers blooming in the desert, I am not sure what kind they are but they looked like sagebrush bushes blooming. We also passed a lot of signs telling us to look out for the wildlife, mainly wild burros, but we didn’t spot any this time.

We passed by a lot of farms growing every kind of greens and lettuces. We saw one sign saying they had eight avocados for only one dollar. We didn’t have a spot to pull over and get them, but sure wished we had. They had several farms where you could also pick your own fresh vegetables that looked really nice.

I am going to try to add the pictures from the trip tonight, but I am not sure how fast the Wi-Fi is here, I may have to go back and add them later. We plan to do a lot of shopping tomorrow in Quartzsite, all we did tonight was get set up and go out to dinner for awesome fish dinners at the famous Grubstake’s. Thanks a million to Lindsay and Jerry Coleman for telling us about them. They are known for having the best fish in the whole state of Arizona and they lived up to it. :-)

Check back later for more from Quartzsite.

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