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Camp Sandusky RV Park (that's us on the left)

The RV park is proud of their pet rabbits

Feeding them always wins their attention

After feeding they're your friends


Welcome to Cedar Point Amuement Park, Sandusky Ohio

A warm welcome from Snoopy

Another warm welcome from Lucy

Beautiful landscaping throughout the park

Tauted as the "roller coaster capital of the world" for good reason


We rode the 'Blue Streak' to start out the day

more coasters



In line for a coaster named " Iron ______"?



A long wait to ride the dreaded "Maverick"

Detail stats of the Maverick

Part of the Maverick waiting line

Another part of the Maverick line

We rode this too - got totally soaked

After the splash

Sue is soaked in this pic (another splash in background)

Frontier Land section of park has petting zoo


Jim doing his train thing

A crazy coaster that goes straight up & straight down

Sue doing a sing-a-long with a musician

A twisting forward & backward coaster

one of many bands playing in the park by the twisting coaster

Too high chair ride

The "Breakers Hotel" on the beach in the park

The beach in front of the hotel on Lake Erie

The big wheel

Jim on the big wheel

We left Cleveland/Medina area and backtrekked to northwest Ohio to go to Cedar Point Amusement Park. On July 8th, we traveled and stayed at Camp Sandusky RV Park a few miles from Cedar Point. The RV park had a little brood of rabbits that were available to feed and pet. We akso too advantage of their nice swimming pool.

The next Day, July 9th, we drove over to Cedar Point. Cedar Point is a well known park often featured on television travel channels. It called the "Roller Coaster Capital of the World" for good reason. The whole park is intertwined with all types of coasters along with a lot of other rides, attractions, and shows. There is also a area named Frontier Land with petting animals and hand-craft artisans.

We arrived as the park was opening for the day and stayed until 6 or 7 pm. The wildest ride we rode was a coaster named the "Maverick" and it had the longest wait line of the day for us at over 90 minutes. Details of the ride are posted in one of the attached photos. We believe Jim was the oldest person in line that we saw during our wait. We both survived but were a bit wobbly stepping out after the ride.

The first ride of the day was the "Blue Streak", a classic old style of wood construction and steel rails. We have ridden this coaster multiple times in years past. So it was nostalgic and prepared us for the newer, wilder rides.

Anothe fun ride when the air temperature rose later in the day was the water ride where you get in a boat, travel along a lazy chute of water, hook onto a conveyer belt that takes you skyward and them like a roller coaster drops down a water slide hitting the water with a huge splash that soaks everybody on-board and every bystander near the ride. Photos also attached. It was a fun day to say the least.

Cedar Point also has a beautiful hotel, beach, a huge water park, marina and an RV park all on the shore of Lake Erie.

The following day we relaxed and drove around the Sandusky area including Vermillion Ohio where Jim lived at one time and Catawba Island and the towns of Sandusky and Huron. It too was nostalgic for Jim who hung around this area a lot in his younger BS years. BS means Before Sue.

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