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We have been watching CBS's Sunday Morning since Charles Kuralt left his motor home tour introducing us to the wonders of rural and small town America and began this new show 30+ years ago. While we were at home for the holidays, Ken got an email from a Sunday Morning producer asking us if we would be willing to be interviewed about our RV Navigator podcast. The contact was out of the blue and we wondered if it was some sort of scam. But we said "why not?" and the emails arranging the logistics continued. We were to be interviewed by David Pogue, a technology guru who Ken has admired for years since he shared a stage with him at MacWorld Expo in 2001. The purpose of the segment was to explain what podcasts are and how their popularity has exploded in the last few years. They had already conducted interviews at the Wall Street Journal and Gimlet Media. Their podcasts are big business with big profits and fabulous production values. Our role in the segment was to be the yin to their yang. We make no money from our podcast and have been doing it for twelve years for the love of sharing the pleasures of RV'ing and travel with others. No production values. Our show is us and over the years with no advertising 15,000 people have found us and download our monthly podcast. Some of our listeners have become great friends.

Today a videographer, sound technician, producer and David really came to our campsite and interviewed us. While it is likely that the final product will last less than two minutes, the adventure took all day. When you watch a short segment on TV, you have no idea how much work goes into it. It took the crew almost two hours to set up the lights, camera and sound for the interview. Since it would have been impossible to cram it all inside the motor home, we were glad that the weather cooperated and our neighbors agreed to turn off their weed trimmers and saws for the duration. David was personable and charming and we quickly felt like we were chatting with an old friend. We did a short segment inside the motor home in our portable studio (the dining room table) and recorded David doing a new intro for our podcast. We will no longer have to introduce ourselves.

While we talked, the RV repair technician who has been hard at work repairing our alternator, was replacing the broken belt so that we would be able to take the interview on the road and show what RV travel looks like. The repair was finished in the nick of time and after some interior footage, the crew got out to film us driving by. When we did, we saw that we no longer had their attention. They were busy filming the alligator by the side of the road.

All in all the interview took about eight hours from the time the crew arrived until they had packed up all their gear and headed back to the airport. We had so much fun experiencing the wonderful world of TV and meeting the hard working folks that make it happen. If all goes as planned, our segment should be on Sunday Morning January 20. Stay tuned!

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