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Arapahoe National Wildlife . . .early morning on the road as we...

Not a cloud in the sky as we pedal past these content...

Everything was so far in the distance, such a perfect beautiful morning...

Another crossing of The Continental Divide! This was the easiest crossing yet!

It was so easy, it actually surprised us when we suddenly were...

This unique rock formation was on the way down from the pass....

There is just something so special about Colorado, maybe it is because...

Byer Canyon, just left Hot Sulpher Springs for the last 20 miles...

Different rock formations

Just because the blue sky is so beautiful and the clouds so...

We did it!! I was hoping we could go the distance today and we did!

A beautiful cloudless Colorado blue sky day!! Colorado put its best out there for us to encourage us to get this done today! The only real reason it is important to get as far as Kremmling today is to try and meet up with Mike's sister Mary Jane who has been vacationing in Breckenridge for the past week with her family! Before the trip started, we knew the dates, just had no idea where we would be in mid June and as we got closer and the possibility of meeting up with them became a reality it became more and more of a goal! We were so close that we would either make it or just miss them by a mere day!

It all came down to today and how far we could get! Kremmling meant we would only had a short day tomorrow and could see everyone! If we had to stop sooner, it would have made tomorrow too big of a day!

No better way to start the day and a big ride than with a cooked breakfast and The Moose in Walden offered just that! Our timing was perfect, we walked in sat down and got our order in before the rest of the place filled up! Just to make sure we had plenty of energy, we took the cinnamon roll challenge, added their home made cinnamon roll to our taste test contest! It was delicious! Just big enough to share and definitely homemade! Eggs, toast and coffee and we were fueled up and ready to go!

It was a little chilly so we added a few layers to legs and arms. Funny by time we suit up, the weather has already started to warm up and it isn't long before we are pulling off to the side of the road and stripping down! Oh well, we know it always happens. The first few miles are always the adjustment miles.

The road was very quiet, lucky for us as there are no shoulders on the roads so far in Colorado! The mountains were on either side of us but in the distance ahead of us we could see the Rabbit Ears Range that we were gong to have to cross. Another pass over the Continental Divide! Maybe the 11th time, this one was 9.684 ft but it was the best one yet! the road just gently rose and rolled all the way up! Have we gotten that strong that we just don't notice it? Maybe a little, but it was definitely a better road! Before you knew it, the sign was in front of us! It actually surprised us both!

The down side of the pass was just as gentle and rolling as the way up. Long and winding and very beautiful. The scarred hillside from the beetle kill was overwhelming. Lodgepole pines that succumbed to the beetle kill covered the mountain sides. One of nature's way of preparing itself for new growth. It is still beautiful.

The day was otherwise uneventful. We stopped near the entrance to a guest ranch, The C Lazy U Ranch to have some lunch. It was a very busy little spot with their 100 guests! No one even noticed us under the shade of the Aspen trees as we watched the cars coming and going and enjoying our lunch break!

We finally reached Highway 40, a busier traffic route, we lost our peace and quiet! We at least had a shoulder now, but much more traffic. Hot Sulpher Springs was our decision making location, we had to decide if we had another 20 miles in us to get to Kremmling! I think the biker at the top of the pass who assured us we could do it because the road was flat to Kremmling helped us decide to push on!

The wind pushed against us a bit, actually a lot! The temperature today was in the 80's a sharp contrast to the wet and cold of yesterday! Was that only yesterday? And we lost our shoulder for the last 5 miles which made it a bit gruelling! But we made it!! Hot, tired but glowing in the success! (Well one of us was!!)

Nothing a hot shower, a hearty meal and maybe few refreshments can't fix!!

So tomorrow . . . Breckenridge here we come!! So exited!

Good night all!

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