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Our pod


The vending machine!!

The toilet...very confusing

Today we flew to Japan. It wasn't on our original intended list of countries to go to but as we spent less time in China we thought we'd make the most of the time we have.

We arrived courtesy of a rather bumpy flight from HK and were greeted with the typical Japanese efficiency. Fingerprints taken and retinal images provided we entered Japan...just.

Clearly my unkempt hairstyle and Katie's general demeanour garnered the attention of the Japanese customs officers to the extent that they asked us if we were importing drugs and then proceeded to ask us whether or not we were 'importing' every known drug to mankind individually. Bag search and green light to enter over we made our way to the worlds slowest (but reasonably cheap) train which would take us to downtown Osaka.

Given we can no longer afford the luxuries of hotels we opted for a 16 bed mixed dorm room. It turns out the hostels in Japan are pretty good (if this one is anything to go by) as we at least have a little pod each to ourselves.

We decided to go wild and dine out as it was our first night... We didn't realise how difficult it would be as nowhere has English signs and unfortunately what's left of my Chinese doesn't stretch very far in Japan. We entered one restaurant who produced an English menu with the option of chicken hearts, gizzards or some other unintelligible part of the chicken. Once we had kindly excused ourselves we went to another restaurant which had pictures... How bad could this one be? After a slightly bizarre start where it turned out we had to order our food from a ticket machine akin to a vending machine it turned out not bad at all as the food was beautiful. However eating it was a bit of an art form as we had no idea what was going on as we were served noodles, raw onion, hot soup and rice separately. Once we had been motioned to as to how to eat it it was great.

Japan is going to be an interesting place if the first few hours are anything to go by.

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