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Our little grass shack for the day (on the right)

Me, relaxed - this is the life!

A whale "flippering" - pectoral fins can be up to 15' in...

Canoe racing

Sunset from our little grass shack

Sun just setting behind Lanai

Me & Lisa at the shack

Dressed for dinner

The begging duck - Soon to be called "Dinner"?

Flamingos on the grounds of the Hyatt


Koi Pond

My new CE friend, Lisa, invited me to come and hang out by the pool at the Hyatt Regency Kanapali, where she is staying, on Wednesday. That is on the west side of the island, past Lahaina and I am on the south side of the island. It is about a 40 minute drive.

On Monday as I was walking back through Lahaina after the sailing trip I had seen several Hawaiians carving wood. One had done a beautiful whale tale but it was very large and expensive. I asked if they made them smaller and he said his brother was working on two pieces right then and there should be several more if I could come back in a couple days. So on my way to meet Lisa I did stop by their "shop" in an alley and found one that was nicely shaped and showed the colors of the wood. He told me he only used limbs that had fallen from the "Rainbow Trees" along the road to Hana. I included a not-so-good pictures of those rainbow trees on the Road to Hana day during the tour. He carved "Maui/2014" and his initials in the bottom of it. I try to buy a piece of art or something to remind me of each of my major trips so this will be the piece for my Hawaii adventure. I am very pleased with it.

So I went on to the Hyatt Regency. Lisa had actually rented a cabana on the beachfront for us. That came with a fruit plate and there was a glass jug of ice water in the cabana as well as a cooler filled with ice and padded, reclining chairs for each of us. Lisa had bought snacks to munch on and we ordered and had lunch in the cabana. I'm glad Lisa got the cabana. There was an obscene amount of people crowded around the pool playing Social-Director led games. Very noisy. The cabanas were set off from all that and were much more quiet.

Right at the Hyatt Regency the beach was rather narrow and there were rocks close in to the beach but I walked to the north and after two or three resorts the beach became very wide. It looked like there was maybe about 2 miles of unobstructed, beautiful beach. The waves were fairly calm in most places. We were able to see whales from the cabana. I had the binoculars so we could get a great view of them playing.

We stayed in the cabana until sunset. We saw a beautiful sunset behind Lanai where we sailed to on Monday. Then we went to dinner there at the Hyatt. We both had a fish dish over a blue sweet potato hash brown cake with lemon/artichoke/caper sauce. There was a little broccolini in there, too. For dessert I had a banana foster over French toast with vanilla ice cream. The restaurant was open air and sat right on the pond that had flamingos, swans and ducks. One duck was very interested in what each table was having to eat and came right up and begged, looking as pitiful as a duck can. One of the waiters chased it away. I asked the waiter if it had a name and he said "Dinner, if it comes back again."

There were nice trails winding around the pool, lit by tiki torches. Very romantic if you were with the right person. The lobby is gorgeous. In the afternoon when I arrived there were parrots on perches in the lobby.

This would be a wonderful place for a complete "shut down" vacation. There are a lot of very nice amenities you would be paying for you would naturally want to enjoy while here. I wouldn't want to leave the hotel but there is so much to see and enjoy for free in Hawaii I would be reluctant to ever stay in a place like this here in Hawaii. I would like this in Cancun where I have already been there/done that.

After dinner and seeing the lobby and grounds at night it was after 9:00 and I still had to drive that winding road home in the dark. There is no highway lighting on that road (and none through the only tunnel on the island - and no ventilation I could see - don't know how they get away with that - grandfathered in maybe?). I made it a little after 10:00 and immediately fell asleep!

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