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Carpe at International RV Park in Daytona Beach

Welcome to the Sunshine State

Carpe and friends at the Florida Welcome Center
A perfect place for lunch...

Driving around Jacksonville is a sane option

A lovely high bridge over Jacksonville's shipping channel

International RV Park in Daytona Beach

Wed, 16 Oct: Trees 1 - Antenna 0

Yes, today was the day that our summer-long foray into the deep and dark forests cost us money. We hit a tree on the way out of Skidaway Island State Park that broke our cellular booster antenna right in half. We had to stop, get out our stepladder, and cut it loose lest it damage the paint and/or fiberglass. Ugh!!!

But, to more pleasant topics... Yesterday, our last day at Skidaway Island was a wonderfully relaxing day. We got caught up on household chores and, best of all, received visitors late in the afternoon. That made it a very special day.

Our dear next door neighbor from Maui, Sally Barron, and her granddaughter Isis stopped by on their way to Savannah. It was fantastic to visit with them, altho we didn't get to spend nearly enough time together as they needed to check in to their accommodations. We'll take any time we can get with dear friends and we sure enjoyed the time we spent with Sally & Isis.

This morning was a relatively laid back morning and we didn't seem to get ourselves in gear with any degree of alacrity. By the time we got things ready for the road, moved the coach to a place convenient for connecting the car, damaging the aforementioned antenna, connecting the car, and finally rolling wheels it was ten. That's late for us, but some days are like that.

Getting to a major road from Skidaway is not an easy feat. Coming from the north we negotiated city streets and beltway traffic. Heading south, as we did, entailed more beltway traffic and seventeen miles of local streets and roads before we reached the interstate.

Once on the "super slab" we made good time south 94 miles to a Pilot/Flying J at exit #1 in St. Mary, GA. We topped off the diesel tank as diesel is about 20¢/gallon more in Florida than Georgia. The line of trucks confirmed that we weren't the only ones aware of this...

Just south of the Florida line we stopped at the Welcome Center for lunch. While Sandi prepped lunch Bob checked out the tourist brochure racks for relevant items. Poor Carpe is now hunkering a bit lower thanks to the Florida Visitor's Bureau.

Bob took us south in Florida, bypassing Jacksonville to the east via the I 295 beltway. We've taken I 95 thru the center of Jacksonville and are convinced that the longer loop is a good investment in one's sanity. Even then, Bob's ongoing rants about the drivers should get raves...

About 1540 we pulled into the International RV Park in Daytona Beach, near the intersection of Interstates 4 & 95. We'd stayed at this park before because it is a Passport America park. The roads are very narrow but Bob managed to get us parked with nary a scratch.

Today's stats: 139 miles @ 8.4 mpg.

We'd like to wrap this up with an "we had a quiet evening!" Not to be as the annual BiketoberFest was taking place and the RV park was full of bikes: Big bikes, noisy bikes. They were nice folks, but even a $20k Harley is loud without its mufflers. But, thankfully, they did quiet down after dark so we did get a good nite's sleep.

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