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This afternoon Carolyn Nottleson called to say that she will be in town for a few days for her annual doctor and dental visits. She came over in her motorhome. She left her motorhome in the park while we went in my car to several places for her errands. One of them was to get a prescription filled at Walmart. I waited in the car near the store entrance and saw some rather exciting activity. It was better than a movie or TV show.

A man and woman ran out of the store with another man at their heels. He grabbed the man and struggled with him until the man escaped. Then he grabbed the woman by the hair and threw her to the ground. She got free but he grabbed her and threw her down again and she dropped the things she was carrying. Finally she escaped and ran after the first man. I helped pick up the items she had dropped and gave them to a store employee. A guard asked me what I had seen and, when I described the man who had struggled with the couple, he told me that he was another guard. I had thought that it was a big fight but he said that they had tried to steal some things. He said that this kind of thing happens all the time. I’d hate to work at that store! No wonder they have to hire guards.

When Carolyn came back, we ran one more errand and then went to KFC to eat. While we were there I saw part of a rainbow but, because there were so many highline wires in the way, I didn’t try to get a photograph.

When we got back to Pecan Grove, Carolyn stayed to visit a while. We had root beer floats for dessert. Then she headed out to spend the night elsewhere. She will be back tomorrow, though, to spend at least the next three nights. We’ll have more time to do something better than running errands.

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